Beyond B-School – A video portal with ~70 videos on every career topic possible! These videos average 10 minutes each. Personal branding & job search video resources​ are available as well.

Big Interview – Web-based interview practice tool for current students (login with credentials). You can video record yourself answering different interview questions and playback to view and/or share with a coach (for those in residential/hybrid programs).

CaseCoach – A tool used to prepare for case interviewing – particularly those of you who may be seeking out consultancy roles. Standard prep for consulting = 50 hours of coaching/practice. This tool was developed by a former McKinsey interviewer.

12Twenty – Used to record your employment information for aggregate ranking reports and to register for events.

RocketBlocks – Comprehensive skills-driven interview prep developed by experts from McKinsey, BCG, Google and Amazon.

GoinGlobal – A comprehensive database to help you find job and internship opportunities both in the US and abroad. Contains an H1B Visa database, which is particularly useful for international students. Also contains country career guides, an employer directory, and CultureWizard, which helps you identify your personal culture profile and where you may need to adapt to work in a particular country. Access via this link or through Handshake (Career center > Resources). 

Vault/Firsthand – Get help from mentors with insights on jobs/industries/companies through conversations and career guides.

Forte – Register here if you haven’t already done so.

2023/2024 Session Resources:

  • Interview Training Day (September 5)
    • Interview Training – Behavioral Interviewing and Following Up Deck
    • U.S. Business Culture Deck
  • Navigating Career Fairs (September 6) Deck and Recording
  • Understanding Recruiting Methods (September 11) Deck and Recording
  • Building Your Personal Brand (October 4) Deck and Recording
  • Forte Foundation Introduction Deck and Recording

Career Coaches and the populations they serve:

Caitlin Hunter – Specialty Master’s: MSBA and MSFEHeadshot of Caitlin Hunter

Deb Jahnke – Full-time MBA: SHR​ & Professional MBA​ (primary coach)

Headshot of Deb Jahnke

Jean Sink – Executive MBA and Professional MBA

Headshot of Jean Sink

Laura Berkan – Full-time MBA/Specialty Master’s: ​ASAP, CFIB, RE, RMI and Professional MBA

Headshot of Laura Berkan

Will Wait – Full-time MBA/Specialty Master’s: ​ACEL, MLI, SCM, TSPM​ and Professional MBA

Headshot of Will Wait