Strategic Career Planning

The majority of your self-discovery work will come from your own reflection time; however, utilizing coaching and assessments can help draw out your priorities and value in a way that may bring new light to your planning.


Crafting your guiding principles is a process that results in a list of clear, concise statements, that act as a compass related to navigating your career. It covers the self-assessment and discovery work needed to truly understand what you should follow related to your needs, wants, interests, and personal values to bring you the best chances of career fulfillment.

Career Management Guide: Guiding Principles

Following your self-discovery work, this exercise requires some reflection and research to be able to clearly articulate what you are aspiring to do next in your career. It is vital you have a plan that communicates what you are looking for in your next role, whether it be internal or external. This step will create focus and clarity as you work through the entire career management process. It involves identifying business and market opportunities, researching through the Internet, periodicals, and professional associations, along with starting conversations which are all an important part of this plan.


  • Utilize the Career Plan Worksheet
  • Useful Websites:
    • Glassdoor: Search salaries and compensation based on job company or title and location
    • Vault: For full access, login using your “” email address. Find out what it’s really like to work within an industry, company, or profession, and how to position yourself to start, advance, or change your career.
    • UW Business Library Databases: Browse and utilize 14 different business topics and resources for free
  • See also Exploratory Conversations page on how to talk and connect with people in field/job/industry of interest to you

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Invest in Career Reflection


Resource: Career Management Guide: Guiding Principles

Resource: Reflection worksheet

Watch video: Invest in Career Reflection