Navigating Job Change

As stated above, the job search is a project management skill set. Everyone’s job search is different but the steps outlined in the Career Management Guide: Job Search Planning can help outline and guide you along your personal search.

A well-written cover letter can entice or persuade a prospective employer to read your resume, leading to the possibility of a future discussion. It can explain your interest in the company and your unique value-add. A cover letter is a direct, personalized response with the main objective to display your qualifications clearly, which in turn demonstrates a fit between what you can offer an employer, the value you bring, and the job description requirements.


Preparing for an interview is a 3-step process – research, story or content preparation, and practice. This preparation is vital to confidently present your value to any interviewer and ultimately sell yourself for the role. After the interview takes place, remember to follow-up within 24 hours!


The negotiation process is an opportunity to define, communicate, and achieve what you want out of the job offer. Negotiation requires gathering information, planning your approach, considering different alternatives and viewpoints, communicating clearly, and making decisions to reach your goal. Negotiations are an option for every new job, or every performance review. Not exclusive to external job offers, negotiation can take place for internal promotions or even continuation of a current role. The purpose in a negotiation is to increase job satisfaction and, ultimately, to improve your opportunities for job fulfillment and happiness.


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Job Search and Company Research

Pre-work Video (10 minutes): Watch Target the Right MBA Employers, by author Steve Dalton


Watch video: Job Search and Company Research

Written Communication

Optional Pre-work Video (11 minutes): Watch Writing Powerful Cover Letter by Ross Macpherson 

Action:  Select one job description that interests you

Watch video: Written Communication

Interview Preparation


  • Select one job description that interests you

Resource: Interview Preparation Worksheet

Watch video: Interview Preparation