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Managing your career is a process and not a transaction. It is something that requires an ongoing investment to ensure you are developing yourself professionally to successfully achieve your career goals. If you were the CEO of a business, you would naturally have a vision, mission, and strategic plan articulating the direction your company was headed. You’d have goals set and action plans underway to ensure your best chances of success. Do you give your career this same focus, priority, and investment?

Visioning, reflecting, branding, marketing, and networking are necessary to build the foundation to a fulfilling career. We must make this investment in ourselves to truly love our careers. It is our goal that you learn this career management process so you can best manage your career for a lifetime.

Two graduate students at graduation both form W's with their hands

"Career Management took the time to help me identify, work through, and land on what truly mattered to me in my next professional move. Their process was insightful and lead me to new opportunities I may have not initially considered. When I was ready to make that move, the team was there to help with resume tailoring, interview preparation, and ultimately compensation negotiations. Their counsel and guidance continue to be an invaluable resource!"

Elle Grevstad, EVENING MBA '21

Meet the Team

Jean Sink

Position title: Director, Career Management and Corporate Partnerships

Amanda Earle

Position title: Associate Director, Career Management and Corporate Partnerships